Mitch Mitchell Phasing

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2 Bandmaschinen oder Phaser


legendäre Schlagzeuger und ihr aufgenommenes akustisches Schlagzeug: Eddie Kramer erzeugte 1967 mit zwei Bandmaschinen einen Phasing-Effect auf (Jimi Hendrix und seinem Schlagzeuger) Mitch Mitchell. >>The „stereo phasing effect“ heard on „Axis: Bold as Love“ is in fact constant slight oscillation of phase (time coherence) of two identical signals (guitar or drums in this case) combined with stereo panoraming. In the recording process you always need a two track (stereo pair) of each instrument because balancing the level of them allows you to „place“ the instrument on a specific position in the stereo image (more left, right or centered). „Axis effect“ refers mostly to the creation of characteristic „ventriloquist“ sound and today, it is available in many guitar foot pedals.<<


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